Conquering your professional phantoms

As people all over the world celebrate Halloween this week and embrace the spooky spirit, it’s the perfect time to discuss overcoming the fears that sometimes haunt us in business. These can be particularly spooktacular if you own and run your own business!  Overcoming fears in business is essential for personal and professional growth, as well as for the success of any entrepreneurial endeavour. Fear often paralyses decision-making, inhibits risk-taking, and hinders innovation.  In the dynamic landscape of business, where change is constant and competition is fierce, being able to confront and conquer fears is a crucial skill. Whether it’s the fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of the unknown, these emotions can hold individuals back from seizing […]

The Power of Simplification in Business

In the hustle and bustle of the business world, complexity can easily creep in, making operations cumbersome and decision-making convoluted. Yet, it’s often the simplest solutions that lead to the greatest success. In this blog, we’ll explore why business owners should embrace the art of simplification and how they can streamline their organisations for a more successful and efficient future. Why simplify? Ways to simplify… In a world that often seems to glorify complexity, embracing simplicity can be a game-changer for business owners. By simplifying processes, systems, and workflows, you can achieve greater clarity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, a streamlined organisation is better positioned to adapt to changing circumstances and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Simplification isn’t about cutting corners; […]

Top 5 ways to unlock the potential of your team

If you are a manager of people, you hold the key to your team’s success! Who else is there to motivate, engage and encourage high-performance?  In this blog, we’ll explore the five top ways to unlock the potential of your team to deliver outstanding results. The term ‘effective communication’ is often talked about as the cornerstone of successful management but what does that mean, really? We say it is all about being open and transparent with your team members. Encourage people to voice their opinions, share concerns, and ask questions without fear of reprisal. Regular team meetings and one-to-one check-ins foster an environment where everyone feels heard and valued. When communication flows freely, managers gain valuable insights into the team’s […]

The Psychology of Performance Coaching

In the pursuit of excellence, individuals and organisations often turn to performance coaching as a powerful tool to unlock their full potential. Our Co-Founder Kate Cousens is currently mid-way through an in-depth programme accredited by the International Coaching Federation and has discovered that so much of human performance is tied up in psychology – in this blog she shares how understanding the mind can lead to transformative results. In embarking on the coaching programme, I was keen to learn more about how I could help my clients to do more, be more, have more in their business or career and wow, have we gone deep on the psychology around this! It is fascinating to learn how powerful the human mind […]

7 Business Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to stay competitive and innovative but one powerful strategy that can help an organisation thrive is to embrace diversity within their workforce. When you bring together individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, you open the door to a world of opportunities and advantages.  Here are our top 7 business benefits: One of the key benefits of having a diverse workforce is the potential for increased creativity and innovation. When you bring together people with different life experiences, cultures, and perspectives, you create a breeding ground for fresh ideas. These diverse viewpoints can lead to more creative problem-solving, novel product development, and innovative approaches to challenges. This creative diversity can set your business apart […]

What’s your money mindset and how is it affecting your business?

Money isn’t just a transactional tool in business – it is the very lifeblood that fuels growth, innovation, and success. Without money you don’t have a business – you have a hobby! So, when it is such an important subject, why do so many people find talking about money so difficult? At DICE we don’t shy away from the money conversation, in fact it is usually one of the first subjects we will dive into with a business owner. One of the recurring things we find is that as a leader in any business, cultivating a positive attitude toward money is the key to making more of it.  There’s lots of talk about money mindset these days but what do […]

The 3 factors that get people promoted at work

At DICE one of the things we get asked frequently to support clients with is getting a promotion at their work. This may be through a mentoring discussion or in our leadership development programmes. Most people believe that it is hard work alone that will get them there but in fact it is only 10% of the story. According to Harvey Coleman, the author of “Empowering Yourself, The Organizational Game Revealed” there are three factors that get people recognised and promoted at work, which are: This is easily remembered if you think of the acronym PIE – Perform, Image, Exposure – and like a Pie chart with three parts, they are not all created equally!  Coleman suggests that the foundation […]

What football can teach us about Leadership

Love it or hate it – there’s no denying that football can teach us a lot about effective leadership. Here are our top 10 takeaway lessons you can take from football and apply in your own organisational leadership…. 1.Build a sense of belonging – as a leader it is your role to foster a sense of belonging to make sure that your team feel part of something bigger when they come to work every day. Just as football captains create a sense of teamwork in their play, organisations flourish when they are working together towards a shared goal. 2.Clear communication is key – like players on the pitch, leaders need to communicate clearly, concisely and regularly. Effective communication eliminates confusion […]

Embracing the ‘Back to School’ feeling in your business

As the summer begins to wane and the days gradually shorten, a familiar sentiment stirs within us – the back-to-school spirit. Just as children and students around the world are arming themselves with new pencil cases and school shoes, business leaders can harness the energy of a new season with a determination to conquer their goals for the rest of the year. Whether you’re currently busy getting back into the swing of lunchboxes and PE kits or not, this sense of new beginnings and untapped potential extends beyond the confines of school. At DICE, we love embracing that invigorating ‘back to school’ feeling, and it’s about more than just shopping for stationery supplies! As we make the shift from Summer […]

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