What football can teach us about Leadership

Love it or hate it – there’s no denying that football can teach us a lot about effective leadership. Here are our top 10 takeaway lessons you can take from football and apply in your own organisational leadership….

1.Build a sense of belonging – as a leader it is your role to foster a sense of belonging to make sure that your team feel part of something bigger when they come to work every day. Just as football captains create a sense of teamwork in their play, organisations flourish when they are working together towards a shared goal.

2.Clear communication is key – like players on the pitch, leaders need to communicate clearly, concisely and regularly. Effective communication eliminates confusion and ensures everyone is on the same page.

3.Strategic planning – like business, football requires both strategic and tactical play and similarly leaders need to plan for the long term as well as the short. A well thought out strategy guides the team and motivates them towards achieving.

4.Motivation matters – motivating footballers to give their all in every game is a tough job for football coaches and the same thing goes for leaders who need to ignite passion for the job at hand and keep morale high, even during sometimes challenging situations.

5.Adaptability and being fleet of foot – football games can literally change in an instant and team players have to adapt to stay ahead. Leaders must be flexible in their approach too and be ready to pivot when circumstances evolve.

6.Resilience and determination – football teams face multiple challenges, losses and setbacks in any given season. Being able to dig deep and keep going through the tough times is a key leadership attribute as overcoming adversity is key to success.

7.Inclusion and diversity – football teams are made up of players from very different backgrounds and like in an organisation it is key for leaders to create an inclusive environment where different views and opinions are valued and respected.

8.Accountability – in football, each player’s role impacts the team’s performance. Similarly, leaders must hold themselves and their team accountable for their responsibilities.

9.Continuous improvement – football players train relentlessly to improve their skills so that they can stay top of their game. Leaders should encourage a culture of continuous learning and development to ensure that they also have the best team players in their business.

10.Celebrate wins – just as teams celebrate goals and trophies, leaders should recognise and celebrate individual and team achievements, no matter how big or small.

So, let’s take a page from the football playbook. Combine strategy, teamwork, adaptability, leadership, resilience, and passion to score big in the game of business! If you are looking to develop and improve your leaders, we can help. Registration for our Group Mentoring Leadership Development Programme is now live – find out more at: https://buytickets.at/dicebusinesslimited

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