Many people talk about business being like a game and it is true that there are lots of parallels – the element of competition, winners and losers, teams (good and bad), not to mention the element of risk.

A game is something that should be fun, enjoyable, a way of kicking back and unwinding from life’s stresses, but we know that running a business rarely feels like this.

That’s where the DICE team comes in. DICE stands for DEVELOP, INSPIRE, CREATE, EMBED and this is exactly what we do with business leaders.

We help you to DEVELOP a game plan – getting clear on your vision and strategy for the future.

We INSPIRE your team players and arm them with the leadership skills they need to play their best game.

We CREATE your team spirit – embedding the values, behaviours and culture that will stand you apart from the competition.

Finally, we EMBED everything we do so that it has a legacy in your business long after our work together ends.

Simply put, we help you win at the game of business.

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Kate Cousens and Steve Lloyd are the Founders of DICE – business game changers. They have worked together since 2018 providing business advice, guidance and support to owners and leaders of small and medium sized organisations.

Both grew up in corporate environments, gaining operational and strategic experience spanning two decades across multiple sectors. Kate’s field is employee engagement, communications, and leadership development. Steve’s specialism lies in business strategy, operational excellence and agility. They are both passionate about creating people-centred organisations with a dynamic and empowering culture where ideas can be contributed and embedded at all levels.

Every business is unique and whilst Kate and Steve have worked across a breadth of sectors, they take an issues and people approach, getting to know and understand each organisation’s quirks and challenges.

Read more about Kate and Steve here:

Wirral Roller

Jenny Pridding is the DICE Roller for the Wirral. Jenny is a highly experienced and passionate business professional with over 30 years of experience in people management, leadership, mentoring, and coaching.

Solution focused, and with a wealth of experience in business management, Jenny knows what impact successful leadership and engagement can have on shaping cultures and transforming business performance. She is focused on building long-term relationships with clients and empowering them to develop their own potential through a continuous improvement culture, delivering a positive impact on business performance and the bottom line.

Driven to help people realise their goals, this led her to embark on a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and then a Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance, finally achieving the Further and Adult Education Teaching Certificate. As a Careers Advisor, she was working with young people and adults on a 1-2-1 basis, as well as teams of all ages. It was here that she gained her first experience in coaching and mentoring clients. Going on to work as a Commercial Director in the family business for 23 years, her business experience covered many areas including operations, people, commercial, and marketing, focusing particularly on the area of business and client relationship development.

You can connect with Jenny on LinkedIn:


The whole of the United Kingdom has been professionally mapped into DICE area territories so no
matter where you are based, there is a DICE territory on your doorstep.

Becoming a DICE Roller isn’t for everyone, but if you are…

  • passionate about making a difference
  • someone with a growth mindset
  • a problem solver
  • people focused

…it could be for you.

You will be a proven professional in your own right, with experience in leading, managing, and motivating teams of all shapes and sizes. You will have already walked the walk in senior leadership positions and fulfilled your own career potential. You now want to help more businesses and people to do the same, becoming a trusted advisor to business owners, leaders, and managers. You will want to share your expertise, as well as learn from other like-minded professionals.

You will be attracted to the freedom and flexibility that self-employment brings, with the reassurance of being trained in a breadth of tried and tested business methodologies, a fully CPD-accredited leadership development programme, and the added benefit of being able to tap into the expertise of other friendly and experienced director-level colleagues.

If this sounds like you, then becoming a DICE Roller could be for you.

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Want to roll with us?

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“You’re in safe hands with the DICE team! They supported us with developing a cohort of 30 of our next generation of leaders – helping them become more knowledgeable and how to lead with integrity. We found working with DICE easy-going, focused and thought provoking. They are an adaptable team that integrated well with our in-house Training team to help us get results.”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect during the programme and I felt a little out of my depth at first, but it exceeded all my expectations and put my fears to rest. The programme is really relevant to the leadership challenges we face in the current climate. I’ve developed my personal confidence and used it to make professional gains and take my first steps into a leadership role and nurture a team of my own. Thank you!”

DICE Team Players

“Many of us that run SME’s know what our challenges are but sometimes need a different set of eyes and ears to navigate through. The DICE team helps us to do that – getting things out of the Directors’ heads and into action. Whilst they have a structured approach, they are always nimble to change course as and when the business has needed them to. The DICE team has been invaluable in developing our next tier of leaders and helping us
to empower our people to become more responsible and accountable.”

Uren Food Group

“The leadership programme has really helped develop my confidence overall at work, and this has even been commented on by others at work – things like I look ‘glowing’ or ‘different’.  This course has really made me stop and think about my mindset and approach to work and I have started to show up every single with a growth mindset and full of positivity, which is the difference that people can see.”

DICE Team Players

“The work we have done with DICE to develop the values that we want to embed across the organisation has been really beneficial. The DICE team is not afraid to push and to challenge us but that has really helped us evolve and develop. They have a genuine passion for helping people focus on the positive impact that culture can make to a business.”

Edge Transport

“The programme is relevant to leadership today and the knowledge and experience they both have is evident and inspiring to learn from. I’ve developed my personal confidence and used it to make professional gains and take my first steps into a leadership role and nurture a team of my own. Thank you!”

DICE Team Players

“The professional advice, guidance & coaching that Steve from DICE provided us with as business owners was priceless. From where we were before engaging with Steve, to where we are now is an entirely different place. Our company is now able to look forward, plan, and can tackle the day-to-day issues that an SME encounters, jumping the hurdles that lie in front of us. We now have a robust business & as individuals we are far more rounded. DICE have had a genuinely positive impact upon us – helping us ensure that being able to work on the business as opposed to in it, has allowed us to structure the company to cover all avenues & eventualities. As a result, there is structure, values and targets which drive a proud, happy, and dynamic working environment. Our relationship with Steve & DICE has been one of the very best decisions we have made, his coaching & approach are now weaved into the fabric of how we operate.”

ACTUA Charter Surveyors

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself, what makes me tick, and what I need. It’s also highlighted what I need to work on (emotional resilience for example) and that technical ability will only get me so far. Relationships and behaviours are so important.”

DICE Team Players

“I have worked with Dice for a number of years now and I was invited to join their first group Leadership mentoring programme with 6 other individuals. With the guidance and coaching from Steve, who has a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share from his time in industry, I was able to discover and enhance my own personal leadership style. One of the biggest challenges for me was my confidence but the Dice team have a brilliant way of positively challenging you in a supportive way to help you grow! The programme really gave me a great foundation for my recent promotion to a senior manager position so a big thank you to Kate and Steve!”

Group Mentoring Candidate

“The course has taught me a lot about leadership and how much is actually involved in being a leader which I didn’t realise beforehand. It has taught me that to be a good leader you have to create a vision and inspire colleagues. It is different to managing. I now understand better that different people have different needs.”

DICE Team Players

“Having worked in public services for over 20 years, starting out with our own business was a daunting prospect. The advice and support that DICE gave was invaluable. This included advice about the wider and more generic aspects of running a business, as well as specific and tailored guidance around devising a business plan. In addition, DICE have been there for us as a ‘trusted colleague’, giving us the confidence to stride forward purposefully during our initial months of operation. DICE are calm, structured and knowledgeable within the rigorous and challenging world of business. I would recommend their varying levels of support to anyone seeking assistance in helping their business flourish.”

X-Press Legal Services, Derbyshire

“The leadership programme has helped me in more ways than I could imagine, as my role has developed the mentoring has adapted to support me with new challenges as they arise. The format of group mentoring has been particularly beneficial as we were exposed to such a wide variety of businesses that all came with their unique issues but the same skills can be adapted to tackle each of these. It is a supportive environment designed to get the most out of everyone involved.”

Group Mentoring Candidate


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