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Are you a self-starter with an interest in helping people and businesses to succeed?

Are you considering a career change and like the idea of working for yourself but have some concerns about going it alone?

Do you value working flexibly at times that work for you and fit in with other commitments and your lifestyle?

Are you someone with a positive outlook on life who is hungry to achieve more in the next phase of your life?

If so, becoming a DICE Franchisee and owning your own DICE franchise might be for you.

A DICE franchise offers:  

  • Flexible working hours to fit around your other life commitments
  • Low start-up costs and a good return on investment
  • In-depth training and a detailed operations manual
  • Microsoft 365 licence and ongoing IT support
  • Ongoing access to programme materials and access to continually updated client resources
  • Intranet facility for internal communication between franchisees
  • Initial launch advertising, PR, and promotional materials
  • Personalised DICE Business email address
  • Your own exclusive DICE territory in which you can service unlimited clients
  • An exciting, yet affordable opportunity to run your own business.

We have spent several years developing materials and methodologies which help business owners and leaders to improve through creating and implementing strategy, developing winning cultures, and inspiring talented leaders. We are now keen to help other professionals who are looking to set up and grow their own consulting business.

Why choose a franchise?


Starting your own consultancy business, whilst rewarding, can be a minefield if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, which we didn’t when we started out! Rather than wasting lots of time and money developing your own brand, creating client-facing materials, and trying to establish your offer from scratch, you can be trained in proven methodologies and have access to huge amounts of client-facing materials that are all ready to go.


The Covid-19 pandemic has left many people disillusioned with work, whether it be down to redundancy, the threat of redundancy, a lifestyle change, or the feeling of wanting more. There’s no wonder then that according to statistics from, the keywords on Google exhibiting the highest searches since the beginning of the pandemic in the UK have been ‘how to start a business’ (22,000 people per month) and ‘business ideas’ (24,800 people per month).


The franchise industry is thriving, as people look towards following their entrepreneurial dream through business ownership whilst minimising their risks. Whilst there is no shortcut to business success when you take on a franchise you can be comforted by the knowledge that the franchisor has already made mistakes, refined the service offering, and created tried, tested, and trusted ways of working to help you get your business off the ground quickly so that you can focus on finding your first clients and start earning money. When you combine this with your hard work and determination, it is hard not to become successful – a stark contrast to the unpredictability of starting up a business on your own.


Becoming a DICE Franchisee allows you to get a head start as you will be supported every step of the way by our HQ team. You are in business for yourself, not by yourself! Being your own boss can be appealing to many and you can decide your own hours and work around a schedule that suits you best.


Franchising can and will change your life if you put the hard work in. So, whether you want to gain back control over your own career, make use of your redundancy package, or just pursue a new challenge, a DICE franchise might be the very thing you are looking for!

“After working in my family logistics business for over two decades I knew I was ready for a change of direction and wanted to be able to do something which would utilise all of the skills and experience I have gained over the course of my career. When I found out that DICE was expanding and looking for Franchisees, I jumped at the opportunity! Having been a DICE client since 2019, I am familiar with the many tools and training materials they have which help to support businesses. Being taught how to use and apply these materials to grow my own business is really exciting!”

Jenny Pridding
DICE Franchisee, Wirral


How much money will I earn?

Ah, the perpetual income question! Whilst we have guide prices for our programmes and packages, how much money you earn really depends on your appetite for work! Even working on your own, it is realistic that you can earn multiple five figures each month without being a slave to your calendar. We want our DICE Franchisee to be ambitious, with the drive and determination to grow a multiple six-figure businesses – we give you the tools to do so, the rest is up to you!

Will I have to follow a script when working with clients?

Absolutely not! Our recruitment strategy is to onboard highly experienced business professionals with their own wealth of experience and specialisms, therefore we actively encourage franchisees to allow their personality and experience to come through in their client delivery. We are not interested in creating DICE clones, rather it is about supporting DICE franchisees with a wealth of business leadership materials that have been developed and applied in the SME marketplace. Once you have signed your franchise agreement, we will give you full training on how to market and deliver DICE services, as well as how to build your personal brand – it is your personality (big or small!) that is the gold dust!

I think I can go it alone, why should I invest in a DICE franchise?

We have been in your shoes. When we started the journey into business ownership, we made every mistake in the book – from spending thousands on fancy branding and web development to marketing services that there was no market for. You name it, we have done it, so you don’t have to! When you invest in a DICE franchise you are accessing proven methodologies and a huge range of tried, tested, and trusted materials, including a fully CPD-accredited leadership development programme.  It might sound cheesy, but your success is our success – together we are stronger, and we will grow the DICE brand and business collectively. Basically, you are shortcutting your way to a profitable business with the training, brand, and marketing infrastructure behind you so that you can focus on finding and servicing clients from the get-go.

Is this the right time to start my own business?

Only you can answer that question! In truth, there’s probably never a right time but if you are at a crossroads and are looking to utilise your existing skills and experience to build a better life where you are your own boss, earning your own income, then it’s definitely worth exploring. The beauty of becoming a DICE franchisee is that it provides an opportunity to build your own business whilst enjoying the support of a team and proven methodologies (which SMEs need and want!) that you can pick up and implement with clients straight away.

What is the commitment?

Each DICE franchise is a five-year term and we do set minimum expectations for the performance of each franchise territory, which will be agreed upon at the beginning of the term. In the unlikely event, there are any performance issues, the Franchisor team will be on-hand to support them.

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