Embracing the ‘Back to School’ feeling in your business

As the summer begins to wane and the days gradually shorten, a familiar sentiment stirs within us – the back-to-school spirit. Just as children and students around the world are arming themselves with new pencil cases and school shoes, business leaders can harness the energy of a new season with a determination to conquer their goals for the rest of the year.

Whether you’re currently busy getting back into the swing of lunchboxes and PE kits or not, this sense of new beginnings and untapped potential extends beyond the confines of school. At DICE, we love embracing that invigorating ‘back to school’ feeling, and it’s about more than just shopping for stationery supplies!

As we make the shift from Summer to Autumn and the start of a new business quarter there’s definitely a fresh feeling in the air. Maybe it’s the pre-Christmas focus, compelling business owners to recalibrate their efforts and zero in on achieving their end-of-year aspirations. Much like students embarking on a fresh term, business owners can get super focused on achieving their annual goals before the year concludes.

Firstly it is the ideal time to reflect on the goals you’ve achieved so far before focusing on what you want to achieve for the remainder of the year. Amidst the day-to-day whirlwind of tasks and to-do lists it’s all too easy for larger business goals to get forgotten about. We have a simple yet powerful strategy for keeping those objectives vibrant and thriving, and that is simply putting pen to paper.

Writing your goals down is a tool that is deeply rooted in neuroscience. When you commit your ambitions to paper, you’re not simply noting down aspirations – you’re breaking them down into achievable targets.

How does it work? Every time you engage in thoughtful actions, your brain forges fresh neural pathways. Repetition solidifies these pathways, forming the bedrock of achievement. By dedicating time to jotting down your goals, you’re effectively constructing over 10,000 new neural pathways in one sitting – a true cognitive boost! In contrast, typing your goals on a computer generates approximately only 600 new neural pathways. The disparity is remarkable, as the act of writing engages your mind on a totally different level. So it really is time to go back to the old school and get out that pen and paper!

The visual influence is also a factor. Position your written goals in a space where they’ll frequently catch your eye in a similar way you might have a vision board because seeing your goals repeatedly will also spur you on.

So get that nice new notebook, grasp that shiny new pen and let your aspirations tip from your mind onto the page. And should you find yourself considering how to make your business and professional goals a reality, get in touch with us. We love nothing better than providing our personal guidance, support, and expertise to help you transform your desires into tangible reality! Get in touch to arrange a free and confidential chat about your business – hello@dicebusiness.co.uk

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