What’s fuelling your business?

Steve shares his thoughts on why your culture is the fuel running through your business.

Think of a car built for success, it possesses an appearance which catches the eye, a driver that knows where they are taking it and is fully competent steering it in whichever direction serves as the very best route to destination. Now lift the bonnet and see the all the parts in all the right places primed and ready to run efficiently along its journey.

But then put the wrong fuel in it, how far would it get you?

Let’s look at running a business the same way, a facility fit for purpose and striking on first impression, a strategic and visionary CEO who drives best practice at the forefront of their mindset. You open the doors to find a workforce trained and wholly competent on how things will need to be operated, but the culture simply does not flow through the ranks. The engine is clogged with things like toxic behaviours, a lack of responsibility, a workforce that doesn’t want to be there.

How far can this company move forward and grow?

Creating the right culture for your business is paramount. The analogy I use is a simple enough one to comprehend but the implementation is where many businesses fall short on delivering against it. Though you can break each section down, no one particular element can work effectively without the other, whether that be by having a fit for purpose workplace to function from, the right leadership to drive the numbers forward or a highly skilled workforce that deliver against the ongoing challenges and pitfalls that lie on the road ahead.

Ultimately it is the strength of your culture that determines your all-round capability.

To create one that is positive and buoyant you must ensure the buy-in of all your people and create a sense of ownership and pride in what they do. This responsibility is a gift to your people, and it is what inspires them to go the extra mile. Whether it is answering the phone at 5:02pm on a Friday afternoon to help that customer in need or making the call to that complainant before they go to a competitor.

If you thought about your job as CEO as solely being to generate a sense of belonging, a purpose in what your people do and how they go about doing it, what would you do differently?

Creating freedom within a framework for people to operate in is key. It may appear like small things but appreciation and support along the way is massive! They are all vital ingredients in progressing your people not only professionally but as an individual as well. We spend a large chunk of our life in work, making people smile whilst they are doing their jobs is a must for me.

The trick to creating a healthy culture is to value people and pass over that sense of belonging. This doesn’t happen by accident but there are simple things you can do to move you forward on the journey. You hold the keys to unlocking the performance of your people and making your business fire on all cylinders.

Put simply, good culture is simply good fuel for your business – fill the tank up and watch the business go!

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