Setting New Year’s Intentions for your Business

Setting New Year’s Intentions for your Business

It’s that time of the year when we all start setting New Year’s Resolutions but what about if we set New Year Intentions instead? When we are thinking of resolutions it is usually bad habits we want to break but that is often coming at it from a negative perspective of things we don’t want to do.

Intentions on the other hand are things we do want to do or achieve – goals, objectives, tasks. Fast forward 12 months – what would you like to be different in your business? What would you love to have ticked off the to-do list and got finished? Start with the end in mind and work back.

If you want to grow your social media following, start with an intention of posting something to your followers every single day for the next year. If you want to have more clients, make an intention to be more visible at networking events or by being bold and asking to meet with prospective clients to talk about what you offer.

Intentions can be big or small but either way they imply you have a growth mindset and are willing to work towards something. Often an intention helps you to achieve a bigger goal, for instance you can set an intention to go on more walks during the week which helps you with an overall goal or objective of getting fitter.

The key with intentions is to make them achievable so that you can feel good when you are making progress.  Here are a few simple intentions that you could consider putting into practise in your business:

  1. Set an intention for shorter meeting times – rather than always scheduling an hour, could you improve productivity in your business by reducing every meeting by 15 mins?
  2. Set an intention to always approach challenges with a growth mindset. As and when issues or hurdles crop up, set the intention that you will approach them from a perspective of positivity and opportunities for development.
  3. Set an intention for your people to use their cars less when travelling to the office or to see clients – could they travel on public transport or car-share with each other? Track the progress made over the course of the year – how much carbon has that saved? Has that impacted positively on the environmental footprint of the business?

Think about the areas of your business that you’d like to encourage positive changes and set some intentions with your people which help you to make steps towards achieving them.

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