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Anyone else fed up of hearing and seeing the constant doom and gloom in the media? The rising cost of living. The energy crisis. Rising inflation and interest rates. Incessant speculation of a looming recession. All on the back of almost three years of disruption from COVID-19.

Running a business against this backdrop isn’t easy. We are still experiencing the ripple effects of changes in working practices. Even those office leaders who were previously anti-homeworking, wanting people to be at their desks Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, are seeing that this isn’t conducive to a happy, dynamic, and productive workforce.

Whatever you say about the pandemic, it did something positive in terms of making everyone reconsider how they live and work. The balance of power shifted from employer to employee – with greater demand for flexibility and work/life balance. Hybrid working has become the norm in most offices. But these changes have not been without challenge to the average SME business owner. They are struggling with retention and motivation of employees, and even those who might have previously disregarded the importance of employee engagement, are waking up to the fact that they need to embrace it for their survival.

This is unchartered territory for many leaders, and they are seeking the mentorship and guidance of experienced professionals to help them navigate the new business landscape. Where a few years ago the bulk of our work at DICE was focused on business strategy, we are being increasingly called upon for support with developing workplace cultures which help to retain and attract talented employees.

It is well known that those who seek professional business advice will prosper beyond the current climate. So if you are a business owner and would welcome some advice on transforming your company in response to the increasingly challenging environment – we can help. Don’t leave running your business to chance!

DICE stands for DEVELOP, INSPIRE, CREATE, EMBED and this is exactly what we do with business leaders.

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