How do leaders learn how to lead?

Becoming a good leader of people takes much more than obtaining the position and taking on a title. To be a leader you must have followers, and for people to follow you it requires an investment in the relationship you have built with them, what you have done for them, and what you have helped the company to achieve.

Intensifying the issue is that many organisations fail to provide formal leadership training to their managers – often putting people into leadership roles who have never been taught how to lead, manage, and motivate others.

That leaves people to flounder and so often we find people reaching out to us to ask for advice on what books they can read on leadership, or what podcasts we would recommend they listen to. Of course, there are hundreds of books, podcasts, and other materials you can consume on leadership, but nothing beats formal training.

Our leadership programme is accredited for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and we cover a huge range of subject areas, such as change management, motivating people at scale through employee engagement, presentation, and communication skills. But if you aren’t fortunate enough to work for an organisation that will invest in developing your leadership skills, here are our top tips to help you on your self-learning journey:

Our final piece of advice would be to seek out someone who is further ahead of you to act as a mentor. Even if it is just one conversation over a coffee – ask them what they found helpful when they were starting out on their leadership journey, and what tips they would share with you.

If you would like to know more about our leadership development training, get in touch – we would love to help!

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