Getting clear on motivation

Steve shares his thoughts on motivating your people as a leader.

As people leaders, the ability to motivate and inspire action is a crucial but what do we think about when we realise our people need motivation?

“I’m not really a speaker”

“I can’t really explain what I mean”

“Others can do it better than me”

We may lack confidence in certain areas but if we stop and think about the best way to motivate, it is none of the above. Motivating people is not always about rallying the troops or leaving a legacy as someone who delivered a compelling speech remembered by all for the rest of time. To some this may well engage but to others, well it simply won’t.

Behind a desire to motivate there is a reason to do so, it’s basically a strategy to get people from we are to where we need to be, it’s an exaggerated push or a glorified act of encouragement. Well, we need to know where we are right now and then set where we want to be in the future so if we simply motivate our people along the way then we’ll get there, right?

In principle yes, but in reality, categorically not!

There is one key element to motivation for every individual and every group at any given level and that is simply clarity.

Get back to basics on our strategy. Understand where we are now, where we aspire to get to, and then through a milestone mentality plot our pathway toward success. This clarification arms people with the direction we need to head in but importantly, the true sense of clarity comes from the three factors that epitomise the very word:

  1. What is it we need to do?
  2. How are we going to deliver it?
  3. Why are we doing it?

To motivate people, you need to arm them with this clarity. If our people are clear in all the above, then they will be motivated to get the job done. The trick in landing these ingredients is to present the message in the way that you as a leader are comfortable with whilst considering what your audience needs and wants from you. If you want the best from your people then know yourself, know audience and align the two together.

Motivation within its own right is such a powerful quality in any given leader but to get to a position of motivating people you must strip the message back and give both meaning & direction. Clarity delivers motivation!

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