Are you harbouring a secret desire…?

Are you harbouring a secret desire to run your own consulting business? If you are, this is the post for you!

Working for yourself is an incredible privilege – one that gives you time freedom, uncapped earning potential, and the chance to make a significant impact.

We live in an incredible time when people who have a business dream have the tools and technology to make it happen – without financial backing from investors. But it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know where to start on your entrepreneurial journey.

If you have proven experience in a career and have been considering utilising it and moving into the field of consulting, this post is for you. We want to share our experiences so that you can learn from our mistakes! 

Starting DICE Business was overwhelming at first – we didn’t know what we ‘should’ be doing, and we were stuck wondering what exactly to offer and how to find clients. Kate had already spent a year in what she calls ‘the wilderness’ trying to establish herself as a consultant, feeling lonely, confused about what to do, and ultimately scared of failing. If she hadn’t found Steve and they hadn’t been in it together getting DICE rolling, there’s no way she would have carried on.

Running your own business successfully takes determination and you can fall into so many traps along the way if you’re not careful – whether it is analysis paralysis working out who your ideal clients are and how to craft the perfect offer to get them to buy, or comparisonitis looking at other people in your field and thinking everyone else has worked it out and is further along than you.

These feelings are more common than you think but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can choose to follow a proven business model that works. You can choose to join an ambitious, growing team of dynamic professionals who love what they do and are rooting for your success.

You could come and roll with us as a franchisee, learn what we do and get to work growing your own business consultancy in your own locality. You’d be in business for yourself but not by yourself – that is the beauty of it!

If you’re ready to roll and want to find out more, we would love to hear from you. Download our prospectus here: Your Franchise Opportunity – Dice Business

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